Principal's Message

Hello, Future Young Leaders!

We guarantee our students the best possible education while ensuring they grow socially and emotionally as well. As educators, we are in the business of creating a better future for everyone, and we do that by creating innovative, engaging lessons and activities that prepare students for life beyond middle school. Remember, we don’t predict the future; we dictate it. We do this by producing well-adjusted, socially responsible, life-long learners who value education and diversity. 

As we look to the new school year, with the current global pandemic, we are all facing a unique set of challenges both inside and outside of the classroom. It is my mission that we be prepared and committed to educate the young women we serve at Bertha Sadler Means whether in person or virtually. Any challenges presented will be treated absolutely as an opportunity to refine what has been good and discard what has been less than such.

Let’s lead the way together in sisterhood! 

We are one! Dragons United!

 -Principal De'Sean Roby