Bertha Sadler Means Young Women's Leadership Academy

Sadler Means YWLA Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with KVUE Meteorologist

KVUE meteorologist Mariel Ruiz said she is passionate about helping young women pursue careers in science, and that’s what led her to talking with students at Sadler Means Young Women’s Leadership Academy on September 24, as part of their Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.

“Our young leaders are the future game changers of tomorrow," said Ms. Mays-Terry, Sadler Means Counselor. "It is of the utmost importance they have opportunities to see and speak with trailblazers, particularly in STEM, that have achieved a level of success and have experiences that are akin to theirs. Our students need to understand and know that there is no avenue of success that is closed to them.”

Ruiz received her Bachelor of Science in Meteorology from Texas A&M and is a bilingual Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM). She has worked in both her home state of Texas, and Arkansas, and was on the cover of Arkansas’s El Latino magazine. Ruiz is passionate about helping young women pursue STEM careers.

Fitting with the 2021 theme for Hispanic Heritage Month, “Esperanza: A Celebration of Hispanic Heritage and Hope,” Ruiz explained what it’s like to be a Hispanic woman in a male-dominated field.

“It was hard to be taken seriously at first, but then after a few months I kind of gained my own confidence, and I think because I gained my own confidence, the people that I was broadcasting to, and the people around me, my co-workers, kind of gained that confidence in me as well,” she said.

Additionally, Sadler Means students were taken on a virtual tour of the KVUE studio, where Young Leaders got a view of the weather center, green screens, camera equipment, different sets and even the microscope that Ruiz uses to record the pollen count every morning. Throughout the tour, students watched Ruiz do live weather and traffic segments in real time.

Sadler Means Young Women’s Academy is a member of the National Coalition of Girls Schools, and an all-girls academy in East Austin that promotes scholarship, leadership, and community service to help ensure students succeed in high school, college, career and life. 

Meteorologist Mariel Ruiz doing a live weather segment in front of the green screens  Meteorologist Mariel Ruiz showing news camera monitors  Picture of Meteorologist Mariel Ruiz